Do Fish Fart? kids book

Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield said in his cover quote for our new children’s book about Lake Simcoe that “Children’s questions are often the clearest, and thus we learn the most by answering them.”

Everything about water today affects the future of our young, but what may be less obvious is how the fresh thinking of youth can help us all find new ways to think about water and enjoy it as a prelude for preservation and restoration. For this reason, youth hold a prominent place in our balanced portfolio of work .

Our serious regard for involving young people runs as a theme through all our activities – but our programming focus is partnering on outstanding media properties that kids love, parents trust, and teachers respect.

Where we are now

Books remain a most successful hub for transmedia youth properties. The Water Centre’s first media project therefore is a book, Do Fish Fart? – and Many Other Amazing Questions and Answers about Lake Simcoe that builds on the success of the Owlkids’ You Asked? bestseller authored by our founding Chair. Firefly Books has now published a North American edition.

To learn more and get your own copy, click here.

Looking forward

The Centre hopes to explore expansion of this format both geographically (into other watersheds) and into other media, and begin to explore development of other youth media properties.

Beyond what water is, to what water means

In 2012, the Ontario Water Centre invited Ryerson University architecture students to design concepts for “pop-up” exhibit spaces inspired by water. The goal: to help immerse people in the idea of Lake Simcoe as a hub for water thinking.

Explore the student designs here.

*To learn more about the book Do Fish Fart, click here.