Splash Water Festival

This award-winning summer event was piloted in 2011 as a feast for the senses to build memories about Lake Simcoe so people love it and want to understand more about it. The festival format celebrated people’s connections to water, adding fun and local colour.

The festival expanded in 2012, 2013 and 2014, both in size (maximum of 4,000 attendees in 2013) and number of venues (four in 2014). The format successfully supported the piloting of new ideas and building of new relationships, and became a venue for innovative social research.

Where We Are Now & Looking Forward

Given the changing funding environment, the Water Centre is exploring for subsequent years new smaller festival formats that can be presented at a lower cost and, therefore, with less risk.

Splash will be defined as “a portfolio of EXPERIENCES that connect people on an emotional level to water”. These facilitated experiences can be small “Splashettes” or large “full blown Splash Festivals” in scale: as the experience requires.