Our Lake Simcoe/ Exploring Lake Simcoe

People often do not engage with their lakes, rivers and shorelines because they know nothing about them, or don’t know what to do there. OurLakeSimcoe.com was launched in 2009 as a collaborative go-to portal about Lake Simcoe. In 2014, ExploringLakeSimcoe.com was added with the support of Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment. Designed to be accessible and visually compelling, the new site currently in beta format will encourage residents and visitors to explore new territory.

Where we are now

The Water Centre has coordinated the preparation of the initial 60+ points of interest around the watershed on ExploringLakeSimcoe.com. It has also prepared an innovative and interactive presentation for OurLakeSimcoe.com explaining the background to the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan to the public. Soon to be launched.

Looking forward

Over the next year, the Water Centre plans to partner with municipalities and other entities in the Lake Simcoe watershed to flesh out a sustainable business models for web communities.