ClearWater Farm Kids Camps

“This program is very different from others and she is able to learn about sustaining the lands and has grown her self-confidence!
This has been an incredible learning experience for my daughter.”
– Parent of a Camper

Each week 20 children will embark on an ecological adventure at ClearWater Farm. Campers, groups of five each with an instructor, will explore and forage in the farm’s forest, plant and harvest in the gardens and prepare snacks over an open fire. Under the guidance of our highly trained instructors, children will discover the wonders of plants, animals, soil, water and sunlight. They will learn primitive wilderness skills, natural shelter building, heritage hand-crafting and traditional folk art. Friday always includes a closing ceremony where children will have the opportunity to share with parents the elements of their experience from the week.

There are five summer camp sessions this summer at ClearWater Farm run in partnership with the Town of Georgina. Enrolment is already at 50% for most of the sessions. This is our third year of running these unforgettable camps and we believe we are on the right track to make a difference in our environment by connecting it to kids.

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