Garden Update

What the first full greenhouse year at ClearWater means to you:

With the natural light enabling the first greenhouse to be planted in February, the four others will be planted in succession continuing on out to the field by mid April. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants will follow at the end of May replacing early spring crops in two of the greenhouses.

The new metal benches in the north greenhouse, mean we can expand our micro green operation –a great addition to the crop plan. Highly nutritious and gaining great popularity they are also an incredibly efficient use of space and time.

Another crop we are looking forward to this year are ground cherries. This cousin of the tomato has a vanilla/ pineapple flavour that makes it a hit with everyone.

Edible and cut flowers will be another beautiful addition to our fields this year, not only great for farm stand customers but extremely beneficial for the birds the bees and other pollinators.

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This year watch for the new location of our onsite vegetable sales and food basket pick ups – on the lake side of the farmhouse. This will be more accessible to passersby and have a greater visible presence in the neighbourhood.  We are calling this new area the “Trading Tree” farm stand. We look forward to many more visitors and events at ClearWater this year. Hope to see you soon!