Believer’s Bend

Sutton Public School students played a starring role in the 23rd annual York Region School Board’s annual Quest conference in November.  The 150 foot x 70 foot interpretive area they’d created about the farm’s new biodigestor was a demonstration of the conference’s “learning through doing” topic.  The students’ goal was to develop a place where other students from grades K to 8 could learn about biodigestion and understand more about alternative forms of energy.

12 students, over the course of five months, explored the farm, connected with the natural environment, dreamed up possible experiences that could bring the theme of biodigestion to life, then collaborated with a handful of industry professionals to develop the site under the theme “Hope and The Environment”. They made models of designs and finally got their hands dirty to build out the first stages of the project as summer volunteers.

The biodigester interpretive area was made possible through a partnership with Enbridge Gas Distribution. In addition to the funding, Enbridge employees volunteered their time to help students discover how biodigesters work and their role in creating renewable energy.

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