One hundred families experienced
the ClearWater Farm “Water Walk”!

Sponsors raise $15-thousand on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018
to rebuild the ClearWater Farm Barn.

Led by Chippewas water keepers, kids and their families walked along the shores of Lake Simcoe from Willow Beach Park to ClearWater Farm. They planted in our ‘living wall’, met our resident chickens, got dirty in our Kids’ Natural Play area and enjoyed a free lunch made by our Chef Cori Doern.

These families helped us take the first steps towards rebuilding the barn that accidentally burnt down on the property in October 2016.  From tragedy can come hope. The barn will be an amazing interactive education space for children. As Georgina’s newest community asset, ClearWater Farm is a place for experiential learning connecting nature, food, community and eco-friendly technology.

Learn more about the ClearWater Farm Barn campaign.

MORE Business Sponsorship Opportunities

You and your company can still give a kid a ClearWater experience!

As a sponsor of the ClearWater Farm Barn – you will help get local kids outside, learning
and exploring ClearWater Farm, nature and Lake Simcoe! And make the new ClearWater barn their HQ for learning for years to come…

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