Here’s what people are saying about ClearWater Farm

“We have been watching this group’s leadership in collaborative community efforts for many years…. their proven track record will yield success beyond what has been envisioned” Carr Hatch, Chair, David Geene, Executive Director, Georgina Trades Training Inc.

“OWC has done an awful lot of research in developing the business proposal and have made a number of important business connections which lend credibility… they have relied on the expertise of those in the business …” Peter Waring, Sutton resident

“We see this as complementary to and in support of our efforts…. in their attractive intimate farmhouse with groups participating in learning and creating food experiences together.”  ~Barbara Sibbald, President, The Briars

“ClearWater at the Reed Farm has the potential to stimulate a natural and hidden potential that will be good for the environment of Georgina and our citizens.” ~ Mary Mallany, Loretto Maryholme

“This project has been well thought out … and the initiators have demonstrated past success.” ~ Paul Harpley, South Lake Simcoe Naturalists. Sutton

“It is rare for such an opportunity to be available to any town. We should be a leader in the Lake Simcoe watershed and promote this initiative.” ~ Jim Reeves, Virginia Beach resident

“Jobs would be created, local business would benefit and employees would gain new skills.” ~ Sue Wansbrough, Vice Principal, GTTI Board Member, Jackson’s Point resident

“There is already a proven track record of accomplishments with these talented and dedicated individuals…” ~ Pat Bell, Pefferlaw resident

“It would 1) involve and benefit a wide spectrum of community members, 2) advance the local economy, 3) provide impactful hands-on educational opportunities for local youth, 4) contribute to the conservation of Lake Simcoe, and 5) launch a local food industry.” ~ Susan Sheard, Willow Beach resident

“The reason for my family interest in the ClearWater Farm is its potential in preserving Lake Simcoe … and the great effect this property can have on small business entrepreneurship, farming technologies and job opportunities for our young people.” ~ Roly Nicholls, Orchard Beach resident

“The plan has no cost and no risk to the Town and creates a remarkable self-sustaining facility for the benefit of our surrounding communities.” ~ Cathy Newton, Keswick resident

“The organizers of the Ontario Water Centre have already proved their professionalism and ability to follow through ideas to a successful conclusion…. We have read the proposal posted on the web site and we definitely will be active participants.” ~ Eva and Steve Chwojko, Willow Beach resident

“We have a tremendous opportunity to do something a little different in Georgina and take advantage of our wonderful surrounding and natural resources. The plan for a part of the Reed Farm by ClearWater is a step in the right direction.” ~ Asad Rahman. Keswick resident

“I have been waiting for this project to materialize almost a third of my life and when the day of its opening arrives, I will be one of the first of many youths who will profit from what it can teach me.” ~ Nathanael Srawley, age 16, Willow Beach resident

“Residents will be provided an ability to obtain employment in their community …. there will be significant opportunity for youth through volunteering, community service and cooperative education.” ~ Louise Gardiner-Vahey, Founder Youth Strategies Georgina, Keswick resident

This project provides for at least $2 million to be invested in an unused municipal property, transforming it into a centre for water excellence and a creator of jobs and marketable products – all without cost or risk to the Town itself.”~ Margaret Hyvarinen, Pefferlaw resident

“We are in a unique position. We have a farm, a beautiful lake, the Ontario Water Centre and its goals of educating people and saving our water system… these elements create limitless possibilities for the future” ~ Lesley Greenberg, Island Grove resident

“Great vision for our region’s future… a wonderful enhancement for our community.” ~ Terry and John Anderson, Orchard Beach residents

“If the ClearWater project is handled anywhere near as well as the Pine Beach project[by the same group] … the project can only benefit the residents of Georgina!” ~ Pamela and Patrick Devine, Pine Beach residents

“For me personally, it’s about food….it fuels more than just our body… it unites us as people. It has the power to nurture our community. Georgina is in need of some nourishing.” ~ Ashleigh Hughes, Pine Beach resident

“We hope the Town’s swift and decisive decision — and its enthusiasm and encouragement — will help generate momentum .” ~ Cathi Shanahan, Roches Point resdient

“Our daughter worked for several years at the Seeds of Solidarity Farm and Education Centre in Orange, Massachusetts. This organization has made a major contribution to that community… the goals of the Reed Farm proposal are very similar.” ~ Britt and Nancy Doherty, Roches Point residents

The ClearWater Farm Food Hub will be an enormous asset to the farming community… please show the people of this Town and province that Georgina does care about out food sustainability and wishes to be a pioneer in the food movement.” ~ Paolo Lavalle, Frall Foods, Sutton

“They have experience and leadership to navigate the various levels of government, … they have proven experience in the creation, operation and financing” ~ Sean Bergeron, Eastbourne cottager

“This project has the potential to bring awareness to many people about some very important issues. Issue like quality food and farming technologies, water conservation and low impact development techniques, food processing small business entrepreneurship, youth and job creation, sustainable farming, market gardens that give back to our own community….” ~ Mark Setter, Crescent Beach resident

“As persons charged with the future direction of Georgina, I hope you share my enthusiasm and pride in this far reaching and example-setting use of part of the Reed farm. I think we could set a precedent for how a community behaves responsibility in the 21 century with all its social and environmental challenges.” ~ Nancy Elgie, School Trustee, Eastbourne resident