More than 500 Native Trees Planted at ClearWater Farm this Fall!

October 31, 2019

Over two months this fall, students and young people from across York Region came to the farm with boots and gardening gloves to do their part to help renew and restore a small forest on the farm.

Thanks to the York Region Greening Partnership Action Fund our children’s education team was able to buy the trees that are all native to this area and will thrive under these specific conditions. Then it was time for the kids, many from schools across the region, to learn about soil, growing conditions, climate indicators and how trees help the health of our earth and the lake.

In teams, the children picked from native fruit trees, hardwoods and shrubs to plant, chose their location and started digging. Easier said than done with the hard clay soil we encountered but two horticultural experts were on hand to answer all the questions. Our summer campers on site also pitched in by helping with forest clearing, planting, mapping and identifying species.

Through programs like these Forestry Stewardship days, day camps and school-linked programs about food, water and earth, kids from different ages and grades can experience nature – and learn to love and protect it – at ClearWater Farm.