The idea of an internationally-recognized Water Centre surfaced when the Ladies of the Lake Conservation Association in 2006 convened 300 citizens in the Lake Simcoe watershed to create an action plan to help their ailing lake. The Ladies of the Lake have played a leading role in the launch since then.


A Steering Committee was assembled and strategic planning for the Water Centre undertaken with support from South Lake Futures Development Corporation, York Region, Town of Georgina and the Alliance for a Better Georgina.


The Water Centre gained charitable status as an educational organization.


Fundraising and continued planning throughout 2013 paved the way for operational launch of the Water Centre in mid-2014.


The Ladies of the Lake transferred all of its initiatives to the Water Centre to implement. Members of the Ladies of the Lake became part of a developing cadre of volunteers working to further the Ontario Water Centre’s goals. The Water Level Alliance merged its Georgian Bay-focussed assets and programs into the Water Centre as its founder became the Water Centre’s new Executive Director.


The Town of Georgina leased the lakeside Reed Farm to become the Water Centre’s flagship initiative, The ClearWater Farm.


The Ontario Water Centre began to develop the 180 year-old farm as a participatory place for people to connect land and water, past and future. That same year the historic Barn burned down.


ClearWater Farm continues to become a place for experiential learning.


Georgina and ClearWater Farm’s deep and historic connections to the water continue to be showcased. Why the Ontario Water Centre has a farm is becoming evident.