ClearWater at the Reed Farm

A showcase for new solutions: the flagship project of the Ontario Water Centre, advancing several strategic objectives simultaneously:

  • Giving children and youth the opportunity to grow in confidence and self-esteem, as  young “agri-preneurs” empowered to shape a future where good things happen when  people care about food, water, the land, and each other.
  • Exploring and demonstrating the potential of agro-ecological regenerative farming — inherently water wise — in the context of improving the health of water bodies, and mitigating changing climate and extreme weather effects.
  • Providing innovative approaches to food security through local food experiences: growing, cooking, enjoying and more.
  • Anchoring community-wide efforts to re-envision the local food economy, stimulating a new vision for Georgina, then extending throughout the Lake Simcoe watershed


Watch the farm come alive below!

Also, watch ‘A Garden of Discovery, a movie all about the ClearWater Farm.


Steps to the Future

ClearWater at the Reed Farm is being developed initially on 8.5 acres located at 481 Lake Drive East, Willow Beach (Reed Farm Lane). The Water Centre is raising funding to re-imagine and repurpose this historic farm and homestead, and begin a collection of ClearWater community farms in other locations.


To see how ClearWater at the Reed Farm will unfold, check out these stories of renewal and progress:

ClearWater Farm Case for Support
– “Growing a Local Food Economy”

ClearWater Farm Business Plan

ClearWater Farm Donation Package

ClearWater Master Plan

Where We Are Now

In June, 2015, Georgina Town Council authorized a long-term lease on the Town-owned property. The lease was signed in mid-August. The 2016 program completed the master plan while tripling farming on the site; added greenhouses; and piloted satellite farms. $3 million has been raised for programming, operations and capital expenses.

FAQ – Your Questions Answered

Looking Forward 

The ClearWater Farm Case for Support – “Growing a Local Food Economy” describes 2017 programming underway.